Craptastic Cinema

Celebrating The Best Of The Worst Movies

Welcome to Craptastic Cinema, where we celebrate the best of the worst in the world of film.

On this site, we will review films that fall into the category of “b-movies”, but lets be honest some of these are going to be C, D or even F graded films.  We will also review movies that were supposed to be blockbusters, but failed to meet the expectations of either the studio or viewers.  If you see in the description of a movie that it received mixed to negative reviews, that is where we are looking.  We rank our films on a scale of 1-5 stars.   Here is how we will break them down.

  1. 1 Star Films are the worst of the worst.  Save your brain the torture of ever having to sit through a movie ranked this low.  Let our sacrifice of viewing this movie for the review be enough pain for the world.  These movies are not even worthy of being called film.  They are best used as alternates for kitty litter.
  2. 2 Star Films are quite bad yet still have something redeeming about it to make it worth watching at least once.  It may be one single element that makes it better than the 1 star movies.  Be it one great scene, one okay actor, something that will make you laugh, or anything else along those lines.  These are not movies that we would recommend going out and seeing, unless you are really in the mood to watch a bad movie that you can at least sit through once.  These are not movies that would normally get repeat viewings, but will at least get one viewing.
  3. 3 Star Films are your normal run of the mill bad movies.  These are films that will have their fans, and will have their haters.  Consider this the middle of the road… because well it is.  These films wills have traits of a good movie, but some element(s) just prevent it from being the movie it was supposed to be.  These movies can be watched more than once, and could either get better or worse with each repeat viewing.   These will be great introduction films for people wanting to get into the discovering the art that is hidden in “bad movies”.
  4. 4 Star Films are nearly perfect when it comes to the art of bad movies.  These will have the all the good stuff.  There will be plots one can semi follow, acting that fits the quality of the overall film, and more.  These films are perfect for repeat viewings, and to show friends and family.  There will be moments of these films that fall short of the rest of the movie, but will not take away from the overall joy of watching it.  These movies will have a large “cult” fan base, but not as large as those which receive the coveted 5 Star ranking.
  5. 5 Star Films earn the title Craptastic Cinema.  These are for sure cult classics.  Some will consider these movies the best films they have ever seen, despite what most mainstream critics reviewed them as.   These movies can be watched time and time again, and will make a perfect addition to any movie collection.  They may be crap, but they will fill your heart with joy watching them.  It’s crap, it’s fantastic… It’s Craptastic!!!


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