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Celebrating The Best Of The Worst Movies

One thing that can be learned from the content on this site is that a bad movie can be made at any time, and in any form. Many times, we find that sequels to great movies turn out to be among the bottom of the sludge when looked at on their own. This is true many times actually. Look at such movie franchises as Jaws, Spider Man, Superman, The Matrix, […]

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Enough time has passed since the release of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, to allow me to generate an honest opinion about it.  The time has come to incorporate it into the official Craptastic Cinema ranking of all of the James Bond films.  This series is without a doubt the longest running film series of all time, but they can’t be movie gems.  So allow us to break down […]

One of the first movies that made me realize that Craptastic films do exist was the 1989 movie No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan.  This movie was quite awful, but always had an element of coolness to it. For years this movie was only available in either VHS or a bootleg DVD.  World Wrestling Entertainment, and I’m sure Hulk Hogan too, wanted to to just disappear. There however was always […]