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Celebrating The Best Of The Worst Movies

Sometimes the best way to watch a bad movie is with a large group of friends, and playing a drinking game.  We here at Craptastic Cinema do enjoy playing them from time to time, and have included them into several of our inductions.  We have now decided to make these games have their own section.  We will still make them part of inductions in the future, but here you will have them all listed for you without having to dig to find which ones have a game.

We do not encourage any of these games to be played with alcohol by anyone under the age of 21.  We also ask that if you do play them, please moderate alcohol consumption by having drinks of water as well.  Water will keep you hydrated, and help balance out the effects of drinking on your body.  In addition, never drink and drive.  A DUI, or worse, is not an ideal way to end the night.  Call a cab, call a designated driver, or ask your friend to allow you to crash at their place.  If you are the host, please have a game plan for your guests.  It falls on you, just as it does a bar, if they go out and have an accident after drinking at your place.

Drinking Games