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The Benchwarmers

Year : 2006 Director : Dennis Dugan Running Time : 85 Minutes Genre : , ,
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The Benchwarmers is the first of many movies made by Happy Madison Productions that you will see grace this website.  Don’t know what exactly is going on in the Adam Sandler camp, but they sure do pump out comedies deserving of the title “Craptastic”.

The Benchwarmers is a movie about three loser friends Gus (Rob Schneider), Clark (Jon Heder), and Richie (David Spade), who decide for some reason they want to start playing baseball.  They do so even though they mostly suck at it.  In the process, they get into a competitive exchange of words with a local little league team consisting of the young jock/bully type of players.  They challenge the team to a game, and the three of them defeat the little league team.  With the win, they become the idols of every kid that was ever picked on by the bullies.  One of those kid’s father, played by Jon Lovitz, happens to be a multi-billionaire who has the great idea to start a baseball tournament.  The tournament pits the three of them versus all the bully little league teams in the region.  The winning team will get a beautiful new stadium for them to play in.

This movie looks like it was designed for 13 year old boys, and the humor reflects it to a point.  There are some moments that are very adult themed however.  This movie deserves it’s PG-13 rating.  That being said, The Benchwarmers is not offensive to a point where kids shouldn’t see it.  In fact, this movie does become a great anti-bully movie.  It also shows what it is never too late to apologize for hurting someone’s feelings.  Good sportsmanship wins the day, as it always should.  Just be sure to watch it first to determine if you want your kids to see it.

The cast of this movie is made up of mostly staples of other Happy Madison Production films with a few new faces tossed in.  In my opinion, Nick Swardson steals the movie every time he comes on the screen.  He plays a complete weirdo who fears everything, the sun being the greatest of which.  Some of the biggest laughs come from his character.  Other great characters are played by Terry Crews, Tim Meddows, Craig Kilborn, Amaury Nolasco, and Bill Romanowski.  Also, keep an eye out for Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son Patrick in there playing one of the bully baseball players.

On our rating scale, The Benchwarmers gets a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  This is a movie that you will either hate, or you will love.  I have found it to be less funny on repeat viewings, but more heartfelt.  This movie has enough going for it that you should not pass it up.  Far from a cult classic, but equally far from being a total crapfest.  The Benchwarmers is a very good “family with teenagers” movie to watch for a few laughs together.

-Matt Camarco

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