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Birdemic 2

Year : 2013 Director : James Nguyen Running Time : 90 minutes Genre : ,
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Last time, here on Craptastic Cinema, we inducted into our annals the film Birdemic.  Birdemic was a complete mess from start to end.  It had perhaps the worst editing I have ever seen in a film.  When that was mixed with the sub-par special effects, poor acting, and plot holes galore, it created a film that was enjoyable to laugh at.  While nothing in the storyline was supposed to be funny, the movie itself was hilarious.  It is becoming one of my favorite movies to riff at, and torture several friends with… who in turn riff at the movie too.  As bad as Birdemic was, it actually generated enough money off public viewings, kickstarter campaigns, and DVD sales to produce a sequel.  Would they learn from their mistakes in the first film to make the sequel better?  Would a larger budget help the movie out?  Of course not.  That is why we are proud to induct,  along with the original, Birdemic 2 –  The Resurrection.

Craptastic Cinema Birdemic 2 Bill

Meet Bill, he’s a douche.  No seriously, this is the first scene of the movie, and he established himself as one of those guys who start walking in an intersection when the light is turning red.  I hate when people do that.  Look at him, he isn’t even picking up his pace to cross the road.  Nope, his life is too important for respecting the cars waiting to resume their travels.  Funny part, you can hear a car honk at him.  Completely unscripted, but deserving for a douche like him.  Bill (Thomas Favaloro) is a movie director.  He had one of his films get made by a major movie studio.  Bill says that when he lost creative control of the movie, more so the final cut, the released version of the film was not his vision the film.  He is planning on making his “Citizen Kane” with his film idea “Sunset Dreams”.

Gloria Birdemic 2

Meet Gloria…. she’s in the movie too.  Gloria (Chelsea Turnbo) is a waitress at The Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood.  She is also a struggling actress.  Bill started up a conversation with her after he ordered his beer.  Bill told Gloria that she would be perfect for the lead role in Sunset Dreams, and she should audition.  I’m not sure what he saw in her, considering she kept tripping over her words, talked in a monotone voice, and looked as animated as an extra on The Walking Dead.  Unless this is going to be a zombie movie, I just don’t see it.

Birdemic 2 Rod and Nathalie

Oh goodie, look who’s back!!!  It’s Rod and Nathalie (Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore) from the first Bridemic movie.  Turns out, Rod and Bill are buddies.  Rod’s businesses that he started in the first film did very well, and he is pretty well off because of it.  Obviously he is still dating Nathalie.  Whitney Moore, by the way, looks even more amazing in this movie.  Rod liked Bill’s idea for Sunset Dreams and decided to help produce it with “one million dollars”.  One condition, Nathalie needed to be in the movie.  Bill of course says Nathalie would be perfect for the exact same role he told Gloria she was perfect for.  A douche for sure.  Hmm, and Rod established himself as an Asshole in the first film.  So the two of them are a Douche and an Asshole.  Sounds like a low budget superhero movie in the works.

Like the first film, Birdemic 2 is a “romance horror”.  The romance is between Bill and Gloria, and it is such a dumb love story at that.  Gloria obviously got the role in the movie.  Bill used this as a way to seduce her, because that’s just what douche bags do.  The two are soon shacking up in a hotel room, though both have their own places.  What the Hell is with the people in this universe.  Does every first sexual experience have to take place in a hotel room?  That’s an extra $60 I’d rather not spend.  That is just me though.  Oh and also like the first film, as soon as the main characters hooked up, the birds began to attack.

Birdemic 2 Raining Blood

This time around, the birds came out of the La Brea Tar Pits.  It also rained blood.  Joining the birds are two cavemen who also came up from the tar.  That’s not all my friends, this time around they even have zombies.

Zombies Birdemic 2

Guess it did turn into a Zombie Film after all.

The birds look about the same as they did in the first one, just in greater amounts.  In fact, that can be said for this film in general.  Outside of a couple new characters, zombies, and blood rain, it is the same film.  Heck, even the “love scene” between Bill and Gloria transitioning into the bird attacks is the same as the one Rod and Nathalie had in the first Birdemic.  Timing it out, they both happen right around 42 minutes into the movie too.  Also returning to the film are The Tree Hugger, Dr. Jones, Nathalie’s mom, and even the horrible night club singer Damien Carter.  They even had the actor Eric Swartz return to the series as a different character, but basicly the same scene.  The plot is same, for the most part, too.  Birdemic 2 could be considered a remake of the original.  Only with better cameras, and slightly better sound.  Evil Dead 2 was the same thing, but at least there they made a better film.  The same can not be said about Birdemic 2.

On the Craptastic Scale, Birdemic 2 – The Resurrection gets a 2 out of 5.  As mentioned before, Birdemic 2 looks better than the original.  This is due to use of probably better quality cameras.  It does not mean that the cinematography is any better.  In fact, it is the same panning shots over and over, just like the original.  The sound is better as well.  Again, better equipment, not better production.  The audio still drops out when actors turn their backs to the camera.  Volume also jumps up and down because of them using multiple takes to compose a single scene, and not using a master audio track.  The acting is still awful.  It is just downright bad, again.  The main problem with Birdemic 2 is that they were trying to capture lightning in a bottle twice.  The original was great because of its pure awfulness.  Birdemic 2 tried to recreate all the things people laughed at in the original.  Therefore, most of the stuff that was just a natural blooper before, now feels scripted and forced the second time around.  It is easier to watch than the original though,  The added budget basically gave Birdemic 2 a nicer polish on it than the original.  So the highs and the lows balance the entire viewing experience out.  It does not make it any better or worse than the original.  It is just what it is.  Birdemic 2 – The Resurrection is a sequel to an underground movie known to many as the worst film ever made.  If you liked the original, it is worth watching this one at least once.  If you want to introduce the series to someone, this may be a better starting point due to the better polish.  Once again, fans of crappy movies will love Birdemic 2.

-Matt Camarco


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