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Friday the 13th 2009

Year : 2009 Director : Marcus Nispel Running Time : 97 minutes Genre :
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Some considered sending Jason Voorhees into space as the “swan song” for the “Friday the 13th” series, but they followed that up with the amazing battle movie “Freddy vs Jason“.  The problem became that no one was sure how to follow that film up.  New Line Cinema decided to go down the road traveled all too frequently these days, and film a remake of the original “Friday the 13th“.  When I first heard about this, I was a bit apprehensive.  I personally am sick to death of all these remakes that have been coming out lately.  While some have actually been on par with, or better than, the originals, most are piles of buffalo excrement.  The remake that New Line did for “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was actually quite good, and so was the remake they did for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“.  In the end though, both of those films were remakes that simply updated the scare factor while recycling most of the plot of the originals.  I really did not want to see that for “Friday the 13th”.  Much to my excitement, they didn’t do that at all.  In fact, they more or less made a new movie all together, that tied in the mythology of the first four films.  The “remake” was a new movie in the series.  It should have been considered perhaps a “Part 12” instead of being called a remake.   So it was with great joy to watch and induct “Friday the 13th 2009” into Craptastic Cinema.

“Friday the 13th” opened with a bit of a remake of the original film.  We were introduced to a camp councilor who was running from an attacker.  Her pursuer turned out to be Pamela Voorhees who was avenging the death of her son Jason by killing all the councilors at Camp Crystal Lake.  After a short struggle, the councilor beheaded Pamela with a machete and made her escape.  Jason, who wasn’t dead after all, witnessed the entire thing.  He picked up his mother’s head, the machete, and wondered into the night.  Thirty years later, a group of teenagers wondered around Crystal Lake in hopes to find a large crop of marijuana growing nearby.  As night fell, they set up camp.  Most of them paired up to go have sex, which by this point we know is bait for death by Jason.  Of course, Jason showed up and murdered the group one by one, but he spared the life of one girl named Whitney (Amanda Righetti) because she reminded him of his mother.

A few weeks later, a group of friends arrived to stay at one of their family’s cabins that also is on Crystal Lake.  Trent (Travis Van Winkle) is over protective of his family’s place, in addition to his love of flaunting that he has more money than everyone else.  Yeah, Trent is a total asshole.  Every scene he is in, you wish Jason would show up to kill him at that moment.  *Side note here, the character Trent is also in the movie “Transformers” and is played by Travis Van Winkle there as well.  Both movies are produced by Michael Bay.*  Trent’s attitude is starting to wear it’s toll on his girlfriend Jenna (Danielle Panabaker).  When Whitney’s brother Clay (Jared Padalecki) came to look for his sister, he was met with great resistance from Trent.  Jenna sympathized with Clay, and agreed to go and help him look for his sister.  While this happens, Jason began his latest killing spree.  He first killed a guy at a nearby farm, and that lead to Jason getting the hockey mask.  He then killed a couple of Trent and Jenna’s friends who wandered off to go out on a boat.  One by one, Jason murdered the group of friends.

Meanwhile, Clay and Jenna discovered where Jason has been staying, and find out Whitney is still alive.  Several other event occurred  but not long after Jenna and Clay went in to help Whitney escape.  Jenna got killed in the process.  Clay and Whitney ran from Jason the best they could until they got to the barn from before where Jason got his mask.  In an homage to “Part 2“, Whitney distracted Jason by dressing and acting like his mother.  This allowed Clay to wrap a chain around Jason and toss the other end into a wood chipper.  As the chain pulled into the chipper, it choked Jason out, presumably killing him in the process.  Clay and Whitney dumped Jason’s body into the lake, and the movie ended in a typical “Friday the 13th” fashion…. but I’ll allow you to watch it to find out exactly how and what happened.

As I mentioned before, I was prepared to hate this movie before I even saw it.  Once I viewed it; however, I was blown away.  I would not call this “the best” of the series, but it is for sure one of the best.  “Friday the 13th 2009” is for sure a must watch.  It has a great cast, fantastic horror elements, above average camera work, and is a perfect addition to the series.  It is NOT a remake by any sense or form, and is hardly a reboot.  While it does have elements that one could relate it to either of those terms, it really does feel more like a new movie in the series.  I stand by the fact that they could have called this Friday the 13th Part 12 and it would have worked.  For a point of reference on my opinion, I consider Rob Zombie’s version of “Halloween” as a remake/reboot of a series.  I would also say the same thing for the 2010 version of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.  This film does not fit either of those molds.

On the Craptastic Scale, “Friday the 13th 2009” gets a 4 out of 5.  This is one of the few movies of the series that one could own without having to own any of the others.  It really is that good.  Horror fans will love this movie.  If you know someone who has never been into Jason films, but were into say maybe the “Saw” series, show them this movie.  This is Jason for the modern day horror/gore film fans.  On top of that, it respects the mythology created in the films before and incorporates it into the story.  Very very well made, I hope they make another following this one…. Friday the 13th Part 13, it just has to happen.

This movie is out on DVD and BluRay.  I do not see much of a difference between the two in terms of picture quality, but the BluRay really nails it on the audio side of things.  Also, the BluRay features both the theatrical version of the film, and the extended “Killer Cut”.  On DVD, these are two separate purchases.   If going the DVD route, I would suggest getting the “Killer Cut”.  While it doesn’t add much, it adds enough goodies to make it worth buying.  “Friday the 13th 2009” is not in Netflix Instant Streaming, but you can get the movie through their rental service.  Word of advice though, you may want to make sure what version you are getting.  I only got the theatrical edit DVD even though it said “Killer Cut” on the movie’s profile page.  My guess, with Netflix, the “Killer Cut” is only on BluRay.

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-Matt Camarco
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