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Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives

Year : 1986 Director : Tom McLoughlin Running Time : 87 Minutes Genre :
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Okay, so trying to turn Tommy Jarvis into Jason Voorhees in the previous movie was met with a universal negative response.  Fans really wanted Jason to be Jason, and no one else.  Problem was that he was dead.  In Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Tommy Jarvis chopped him up, a fact further solidified in “A New Beginning”.  The only way they can fix this was by completely ignoring the events of “A New Beginning”, and starting anew.  That is exactly what they did with “Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives”.

As “Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives” opens, we are reintroduced to Tommy Jarvis, now played by Thom Mathews.  Tommy has escaped from another mental institute with a friend of his.  His drove out to Jason Voorhees’ grave because he wanted to see for himself that Jason was really dead.  He planned on digging Jason up, and torching the corpse.  Well he dug up the corpse, but decided to stab the corpse several times with a piece of iron rod he tore off the fence.  As Tommy went to grab the gasoline, a bolt of lightning struck the iron rod, still sticking out of Jason’s body.  The power of the lightning was enough to reanimate Jason as if he was Frankenstein’s Monster.  Jason was back, let the killing begin….

Voorhees, Jason Voorhees

Well, there goes any hopes of this movie being taken seriously!!!!!  His name is Voorhees, Jason Voorhees.  He likes a bloody martini, stabbed not stirred.  I mean seriously, look at that opening sequence I posted above, what the hell were they thinking?  Well, apparently they were thinking of adding humor to this movie, and lots of it.  I had not seen this movie in years prior to making this induction, and this is what I was welcomed to.    Boy oh boy, it did not get better from here either.

Now normally I would break down the plot line of the movie I am inducting, but there really isn’t any point here.  So here is a cliffsnotes version of the script.  Tommy leaves the graveyard to warn everyone Jason is alive.  No one believes him.  Murders start to happen, the local cop thinks it’s Tommy committing them.  The only one who believes Tommy is innocent is the Sheriff’s daughter Megan (Jennifer Cooke).  Of course she may be biased because she thinks he is cute.  Camp Crystal Lake is reopened, but now as Camp Forest Green to not scare off potential campers.  Jason kills a bunch of people as the movie progresses.  The final battle is between Tommy and Jason at Camp Forest Green, while Megan and a large group of kids watch on.  Jason and Tommy fight on a boat.  During the fight, Tommy is able to place a chain around Jason with the other end attached to a heavy boulder.  As Jason sunk to the bottom of Crystal Lake, err I mean Lake Forest Green, he brings Tommy down with him.  Megan goes down after Tommy and drags him to shore.  Tommy is near death, but Megan performs CPR, and Tommy lives.  The kids all celebrate, and Jason is shown alive at the bottom of the lake trying to break free but unable to do so. ~Fin~

Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason Lives is a joke of a film.  What needed to be an over the top, gory, spook fest, turned into the equivalent of an episode of Scooby Doo.  Seriously, they should have taken Jason’s mask off at the end to reveal Old Man Wither’s, who ran the carnival, was under it the entire time.    The producers hired director Tom McLoughlin to revive the series, and allowed him to write and direct the film.  He had only had one other movie under his belt prior to this, the forgettable One Dark Night, but was once nominated for an Emmy Award.  However, that Emmy Award was for comedy writing.  In addition, Tom McLoughlin was a semi famous mime.  He actually played S.T.A.R. in the movie The Black Hole.  This translated into the cheesy script, and over the top mannerisms by many actors.  C.J. Graham, who played Jason Voorhees, became the victim of this the most.  Damn shame too, because he had the right build for Jason.  He looked like an intimidating force, until he did any type of movement.  There is one scene where he is chasing a couple people, but it looks like he is stomping around like an upset teenager who was just grounded.  Damn damn shame.

I will also point out that while it was more of a humor role, I did enjoy Tom Fridley as Cort.  He actually made moments of this movie more enjoyable that it would normally be.  The dude has a very natural comedic timing.  I have seen him in other roles, and he always stands out. I guess that because of this, it would be expected that he would be a highlight of this horrible film.  Plus, he is related to John Travolta, so that is a plus for him too.

“Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason Lives” gets a 1 out of 5 on the Craptastic Scale.  It is so damn bad, that it probably never will be watched by me again.  The real funny part is that prior to me starting these inductions, I did a little research.  Among fans of the series, this is considered a favorite.  REALLY????  I don’t see it.  Maybe there was something I missed.  To further add to the lameness of this movie, more violence was asked to be put into it so that it could get a “R” rating.  Other films were edited to make it an add, this had to have more added to it… that should speak volumes.  I really would not suggest buying this movie, though it is out on DVD if you want it.  It is also in Netflix Instant.  I would just suggest not going into it expecting much, or any entertainment value.  It simply sucks.

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-Matt Camarco
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