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Jason X

Year : 2002 Director : James Issac Running Time : 93 minutes Genre : ,
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In the years that followed the release of “Jason Goes to Hell“, horror fans around the world were salivating over the epic battle between Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.  Freddy’s clawed hand pulling Jason’s mask into the ground at the end of “Jason Goes to Hell” was tossing gasoline on the fire.  Everyone thought that the movie was coming soon.  Eight years after that release, the movie still wasn’t made, or in production.  In fact, some even doubted that it would or could ever be made.  It was for sure in what is called “development hell”.  So the idea came up that they needed to continue the Friday the 13th series somehow, while they figured out how to pit Jason versus Freddy.  The problem was trying to figure out how do they make the film, without completely killing off any sort of creditable continuity.  In a brainstorming session, they decided that they could set the movie so off in the future, that they could later revisit current time for Freddy versus Jason.  This also allowed them to explore an element never once incorporated into the Friday the 13th series, science fiction.  The result was the tenth movie to the franchise, and perhaps the most unique, “Jason X“.

“Jason X” begins in the year 2010.  Somehow Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) had been captured a couple years prior by the US government and placed in a secure research center, Crystal Lake Research Facility.  The decision was made by the government scientist in charge of the project, Rowan LaFontaine (Lexa Doig), to place Jason in a cryogenic freeze.  This was after two years of trying to kill Jason without any success.  Before Rowan had a chance to do so, she found out that the military wanted to transport Jason to another facility to conduct more tests.  They felt that Jason’s regenerative capabilities could be beneficial for military operations.  Rowan warned them that she felt like it was the wrong decision, but her cries fell on deaf ears.  Meanwhile, a guard who was assigned to watch Jason’s body grew tired of looking at Jason and tossed a blanket over his body.  When the military officials came in to take Jason, they pulled back the blanket and saw the body of the guard there instead.  Jason appeared behind them, and proceeded to kill them all off.  Rowan was able to fight off Jason enough to trap him in the cryogenic chamber, and begin the freezing process.  In a final act of violence, Jason was able to shove his machete through the door, and stab Rowan.  This caused the whole room to go on lock down.  Some of the freezing effect filled the room, and Rowan was froze along side Jason.

Over 400 years later, in the year 2455, a group of students are on a field trip of the now abandoned Earth with their professor, Brandon Lowe (Jonathan Potts), and discovered the two bodies in their frozen state.  The group decided to bring the two bodies back to their spacecraft, the Grendel, and meet up with the rest of the students .  It was determined that Rowan was healthy enough to reanimate, while Jason was considered dead.  Lowe asked his assistant Adrienne (Kristi Angus) to dissect Jason while he made a call.  It turned out that Lowe was in serious debt, and his financial backer thought he could make a lot money off the corpse of Jason Voorhees.  In the morgue, Jason comes back to life by himself, and Adrienne became his first victim.  Now as far as deaths in the Friday the 13th series go, I will have to state that I find Adrienne’s death to be perhaps the most gruesome, and my favorite.  Jason shoved her face in liquid nitrogen, and then smashed it on the counter making it shatter all over the place.  Just check this out, I simply love it.

Craptastic Cinema Jason X Smash

Adrienne’s death was the start of Jason’s killing spree on board The Grendel.  He killed off students, and the elite security force on board the ship.  He also killed off the pilot just before The Grendel about to dock with the space station Solaris.  This caused The Grendel to crash through it, and destroy the space station.  Now, the remaining students, Rowan, a couple crew members, and the sexy android Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder), are floating adrift through space with Jason in pursuit to kill them.    They discover that the ship has an escape shuttle, and attempt to get it to work.  Their plan fails though when one of the students, Kinsa (Melody Johnson), freaks out inside the shuttle and attempted to eject it with no one else on it.  She was still connected to the fuel line, and it caused the escape pod to crash into the side of The Grendel.  When it looked like Jason was going to take the rest of them out, Kay-Em 14 reappears to kick his ass.  The fight between Jason and Kay-Em 14 is perhaps the highlight of the film.  Good action, and decent amount of humor inserted into it as well.  Kay-Em 14 uses a couple of guns to cut off Jason’s limbs, and then she stabs him with his own machete.  The crew leaves him for dead, while they go to make a distress call.  They reach a nearby patrol shuttle who changed their route to rescue the remaining people on The Grendel.  Meanwhile, Jason was rebuilt because he landed on one of the reanimating tables that brought Rowan back to life earlier in the film.  When Jason reappeared, he was now a cyborg zombie hybrid that fans have named “Uber Jason”

Craptastic Cinema Uber Jason

Oh, the girl in that clip is the actress Melyssa Ade.  Besides being beautiful, she is wonderful in this movie as Janessa.  I have seen her in other roles, and every time I have enjoyed her.  She is one of those actresses that I forget about, then I see her in a movie or show.  So I look her up, and slap myself for forgetting who she was.  I am pointing her out here in hopes that I remember her in the future.

The fight between Jason and the survivors continued while the patrol shuttle made their way to save them.  It was determined that they needed to get a section of The Grendel ready so that they can actually transfer from one ship to the the other.  The plan was made to plant explosives all over The Grendel, and distract Jason with a holographic recreation of Crystal Lake while they board the patrol ship.  When they get away, they would blow up The Grendel, and Jason along with it.  The plan worked for a while, but soon enough Jason saw through the charade.  One survivor sacrificed himself so the others could escape, and execute the plan.  After The Grendel blows up, Jason is shown flying through space towards the patrol shuttle.  He was intercepted by the same person who sacrificed himself before so the others could escape.  The two of them fall into the atmosphere of Earth 2, and it is assumed that they both die.  On the surface of Earth 2, two teens see a “falling star” as they sit next to a lake.  The “star” turned out to be Jason’s mask, and we are shown it sinking to the bottom of the lake.  ~fin~

“Jason X” threw off a lot of old time fans with it’s Sci-Fi elements.  Most of the cast are actually actors in popular science fiction shows and movies.  In fact a couple of them are on the show Andromeda together.  Then, the “Uber Jason” also upset a lot of fans.  Some say it was a level of cheesiness that didn’t belong in the Friday the 13th franchise.  I guess they never watched “Jason Lives“.  These elements did not bother me at all, but I factored them into my overall score awarded to this film.

Speaking of said score, “Jason X” gets a 3 out of 5 on the Craptastic Scale.  This movie is quite enjoyable, and will keep your attention from beginning to end.  It is actually an excellent Science Fiction Horror movie, on par with many of the “Alien” sequels.   Only this alien smashes faces and carries a machete.  It has a very good cast, and great cinematography.  The gripes are for sure noted by fans of the series, but are few and far in between.  Every element that makes a good Friday the 13th movie are here, and more goodies layered on top with the science fiction elements.  Because of the way the movie was made, it also could stand independently from the rest of the series.  There is no connection to any other movies in the series before, and so far after it.  It also currently is the last film of the series to star Kane Hodder as Jason.  Many people consider him the best to ever to wear the mask, and he does not disappoint in this one.

Like the last several movies in the series, “Jason X” is only available on DVD, and not BluRay.  That being said though, the DVD is an excellent release.  The picture quality is fantastic.  You can see every detail even in the dark scenes.  In addition, the DVD offers DTS surround sound, on par with any BluRay release.  There are also a few good bonus features on there too.  It is not available for instant streaming on Netflix, but you can rent the DVD through there.  Considering you can pick up the DVD for under $5 new, I would put this as a must own, despite it’s 3 out of 5 score.  “Jason X” is for sure a movie that you will not regret watching at least once, regardless if you ever want to watch it again after.

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-Matt Camarco
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